Dr. Maxine Woodside

Dr. Maxine Woodside


Dr. Maxine Woodside has a vision to see children and their families live a productive, supportive and independent life.   Dr. Woodside received her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Education from the University of South Florida before earning a Doctor of Education in 2003 from the Nova Southeastern University.

One of her pet projects at Bethesda Ministries is “God’s Pedal Power Ministry,” which provides bicycle transportation for residents who can’t afford a car or insur­ance, or whose driver’s license has been revoked, etc.

Since 2005, Dr. Woodside has carried the role as the Executive Director of the Tampa Bay Community and Family Development Corp, also known as Bethesda Ministries, where she uses her vast history of program development, implementation and supervision to provide educational, economical and health support for children and their families.

Dr. Woodside served as a District Supervisor for the School District of Hillsborough County over 35 years where she provided administrative supervision for the School District of Hillsborough County Dropout Prevention programs, which include programs housed in 21  high schools, and 20 middle schools and coordinated 13 programs for suspended youth and support for Juvenile Justice programs.

    Anthony Haynes

    Anthony Haynes

    CFO/Grants Manager

    Anthony Haynes has been the Chief Financial Officer and Grants Manager for the Tampa Bay Community & Family Development Corp. since 2014.   As an executive manager, Anthony has a successful history of navigating the complexity of the project management process with clients in multiple industries.  He is a strategic and innovative leader with experience in the areas of customer service, contract management, budgeting, team building and analysis.  As CFO of TBC & FDC, Anthony builds and manages streamlined administrative/financial systems including financial, accounting, information technology, human resources, and physical infrastructure.

    Prior to his tenure with TBC & FDC, Anthony was the Director of Real Estate Services, Acquisition Manager and Senior Land Agent for the Board of County Commissioners in Hillsborough County. He has a vast history of leadership roles, certifications and volunteer service in the Tampa Bay area.  Anthony received his Bachelor of Science from Florida State University and Master of Arts in Public Administration from the University of South Florida.

      Maata Woodside

      Maata Woodside

      Care Coordinator

      Te Ataihaea has been the Care Coordinator at the Crisis Center of the Tampa Bay Community & Family Development Corp. since 2012 and Project Manager since 2007.  She has a passion for the social services profession, especially in the area of child care development.  As a compassionate and active listener in the field for 15 years, Te is responsible for the implementation of projects which include assessments, home visits, family plans, activities and referrals to various community resources.  She is actively involved Tampa Bay community meetings, resource fairs and community outreach programs.

      Prior to working for the TBC & FDC, Te was a youth pastor for the Lighthouse Revival Center and a teacher in the toddler program at the Kings Kids Christian Academy.  Her interests include the study of Behavioral Analysis and Investigations and she has a strong presence as a community volunteer with the Kaboom Project, Humane Society and Feeding Tampa Bay.


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