God’s Pedal Power Vision

In a society that insures the common good, every person has a fundamental right to those things required for human decency, including access to safe, affordable transportation options.

God’s Pedal Power Mission

Demonstrate the love of Christ by providing no cost bicycle transportation with accountability to our people in need.

Origins of GPPM founded in 1997 by Russell Johnson, Karen and Mike Olsen, GPPM has operated as a partnership ministry on University Baptist Church’s campus and New Tampa’s St. James United Methodist Church. Together, their financial support and volunteers serve to provide free, refurbished bicycles to both adults and children. Operating as a ministry on University Baptist Churches campus, GPPM has worked closely with a variety of suppliers, agencies and nonprofits to provide thousands of bicycles on an agency referral basis.

GPPM Going Forward In 2015, after nineteen years of service to our transportation insecure neighbors, the Olsen’s decided to reduce their active, day-to-day involvement and in July, 2016 to pass the GPPM Ministry baton to Bethesda Ministries, CDC who are leading a relocation of GPPM to their faith community’s campus in Central Tampa. They are joined and supported by a group of Hillsborough County interdenominational Christian partner churches committed to continue and expand the GPPM mission.


How do we find those in need? Those truly in need of GPPM supplied bicycle transportation are referred by social services agencies and area faith communities. Church resource coordinators and agencies’ trained case managers vet reasonable, qualified requests, assessing true needs vs. wants, and make referrals for services. This includes bicycles for transportation. All bikes are solely used for work transportation only, not leisure.

How do we help those in need? GPPM provides the collection, refurbishment and distribution of refurbished adult bikes as well as minor, ongoing repairs and adjustments. Each guest is offered a refurbished bicycle, a Bible, a lock and chain, safety lights and when available, a safety vest.

Currently, the bike program is suspended until October 2020.

GPPM Ministry Partners

• 34th Street Church of God
• First Presbyterian
• Forest Hills United Methodist
• New Life UMC Brandon
• Sacred Heart Catholic Church
• Saint James UMC New Tampa
• The Portico/Hyde Park UMC
• The Well

GPPM Outreach Opportunities

• Collect all used bikes offered to GPPM.
• Donate money for parts and supplies to repair bikes.
• Be a GPPM vision carrier, sharing the good news of our bicycle ministry.
• Encourage potential donors and volunteers to tour GPPM – “come and journey”.

The generosity of our partner churches and volunteers makes it possible for GPPM to serve people who are truly in need.

How you can help? You can help those with transportation needs by sharing your gifts of time, talent and treasure. There is a place for everyone at GPPM!

GPPM Service Volunteer Opportunities

As a GPPM volunteer you contribute your time and talent as:

  • Director/Vision Carrier – oversees the entire program
  • Secretary – correspondence and phone calls
  • Bike Transporter(s) – picks up donated bikes and shuttles bikes between satellite locations (pickup truck or van required)
  • Bike Repair Technicians – repair bikes – training provided
  • Bike Dispensing Volunteers – oversees the bike distribution process by applying lights, locks, paperwork and a final test ride
  • Data Entry Clerk – update records on EXCEL spreadsheet
  • Social Media Coordinator – maintains social media content for website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Media Contact –update media with GPPM news and activities
  • Donors – besides bikes, there is an endless need for bike parts, helmets, locks, accessories, shop supplies, paper towels, shop rags, clean, plastic jars – all sizes, clean, 5-gallon plastic buckets with lids, etc.